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Telemarketing is still one of the best ways to generate interest for your business for immediate or future pipeline sales.

To ensure a successful campaign you require to consider specific actions to ensure you achieve your target outcomes.

1. Set Campaign Goals

If you don’t know what you want,

you end up with a lot you don’t.”

– Chuck Palahniuk

In our experience, most businesses initiate a telemarketing campaign without considering what goals they want to achieve and often expectations are too high and unspecific.

Set a campaign Target or Goal and make it specific, the more specific the better (for example you may say you want an increase in sales, increase in enquiries or increased knowledge about your customer base) – These are good benchmarks, however not specific enough. – Develop a time line and set a specific number of inquiries to be achieved within that time scale and set a specific financial sales target to be achieved from these inquiries.

Be able to measure and evaluate your call results.

2. Customer data

To ensure a Telemarketingcampaign is successful it is essential to have a good ‘clean’ customer database.

statistics indicate:

  • 40% of all company data is found to be inaccurate.

  • 90% of businesses admit their contact data is not accurate.

  • 65% of organisations believe they’re negatively affected by inaccurate data.

There is no point in making calls using ‘unclean’ data, or to people who will have no interest in the product or service you are selling.

Your data must be:

  • up to date,

  • relevant and

  • cleaned regularly.

    3. Sales Pitch

    He who never makes mistakes,

    never makes anything – English Proverb

    Know your product or service and create a pitch.

    A sales pitch is a line of communication structured to persuade a person or a business to buy your product or service.

    However this pitch should always sound unscripted. When writing a script you should always incorporate space to improvise from the basic outline of the pitch remember you are involved in a two way conversation, and have flexibility to react to the conversation rather than the pitch.

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